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 JahLive Application!!! Also hello NF Members!!!

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JahLive Application!!! Also hello NF Members!!! Empty
PostSubject: JahLive Application!!! Also hello NF Members!!!   JahLive Application!!! Also hello NF Members!!! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 05, 2010 12:36 pm

Name - Kelvin Hu

Age - 17 years old

Mic - Yes siree!!!

Steam ID - t Warrior of Jah t (Idk the steam id # so i give you my steam name)

How you heard about us - played on your panic server. Also you have pretty nice people. Looks like a nice clan.

How can you contribute to the clan - Anything you need help with from getting torrents to installing linux. Lol i know linux has nothing to do with anything on the server or clan, but its good to provide alot of information. I just want to join your clan because you have some nice people in the clan. If you need a another man for scrim in case one of the people cant make it i can fill in for them. Otherwise all i want to do is join your awesome clan!!!

Which server you like to play on - the zm_lila_panic_nf. I will also play on the other servers too Smile

I am chinese.
5ft 7' tall.
Live in rockville.
150 pounds.
Email Address: asiankelvin@ymail.com (Feel free to contact me anytime!!!)
I like to listen to reggae and believe the world is about to end. Also i read 1/10 of the bible. Anything you guys want to know about the bible you can ask. I will try to answer my best.

Thank you for your time!!!! Sorry for all the stuff for you to read, but like i said the more info the better Smile Well you have a great day!!! Thanks again for taking your time in reading my application. Bye!!! See you on the panic server!!!
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JahLive Application!!! Also hello NF Members!!!
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