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 What's up, Lucian Here

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What's up, Lucian Here Empty
PostSubject: What's up, Lucian Here   What's up, Lucian Here Icon_minitimeWed Jun 09, 2010 1:32 am

In-game name: Lucian

Hello all, Lucian here, I play [-NF-] actively of the late and figured I might as well say hi on the forums and see what you are all up to, I am usually on WCS as of the late but if you see me in there I am usually quite easy to get along with unless you're an asshat then I can be one right back atcha ^_^. It's nice to see you all, the forums are rather nice so I commend the webdesigner for [-NF-]. So uh... yeah that's me. See you all in-game =).

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What's up, Lucian Here
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