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 Saturday Night Scrim!

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Saturday Night Scrim! Empty
PostSubject: Saturday Night Scrim!   Saturday Night Scrim! Icon_minitimeSun May 02, 2010 12:03 pm

Well as most of you know, after the old nuclear fusion scrim team fell apart.. killer formed an 11 man new scrim team... we have spots still open for whomever wants to look into it... but i was lucky enough to be called up as one of the teams two starting riflers... we won by a forfeit today... the opponent wasn't an organized clan, just some hackers who wanted a good time.. they lost by forfeit because they all left... the starting 5 were as listed below
-- sniperwolf
-- Instinct
-- Hollyw000d
-- DarKAcE
-- ForcE

expect these starting 5 to appear in most scrim's and well all you NF members, look at these 5 as your representatives of you're clan...

and PaRaLyZeD, oNe, and FuZioN waiting to come in at a moments notice
as well as two more members who were not online at the time

overall the scrim team is looking good.

Ask killer if theres any spots open if you want to join!
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Saturday Night Scrim!
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