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PostSubject: ADMIN RULES   ADMIN RULES Icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 9:46 am

Admin Rules:

Admins are expected to lead by example.
If you want the people around you to play fair, show them how.
A good rule of thumb is be the type of admin you would want to play around if you didn't have admin....

Admins must wear |A| at the end of their name
These rules are in effect for all NuclearFusion Servers
1. Being an [-NF-] admin is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.
***We reserve the right to strip or downgrade anyone's admin status if we find abuse.***
You will NOT get a refund, for you have broken the agreement you took on when buying it!

2. As an admin, your job is to ensure the server you are on is a fun and fair place to play.
The way you accomplish this is to enforce the server rules in a fair and balanced fashion.

3. Your admin abilities are not intended to give you or your friends ANY major advantages as a player.
There are a number of fun admin powers you may use to amuse you, but you may not use them to change the normal dynamic of gameplay.

Admin abilites may never be used to save yourself or others from the normal consequence of play i.e. being killed/found/zombiefied.

You may put yourself in "play as spectator" mode, but you are not allowed to participate in normal gameplay - this for observing/enforcing server rules only!!!!!

Any action you take with your admin has to affect all players equally, giving no one (especially you) an advantage.

4. Unless you reach Senior Admin level, your job is to enforce the rules; not create them.
The server rules are laid out in the MOTD or forums, if you don't see the answer there, you contact a Senior Admin for clarification.

5. Admin purchase is only for the powers defined by each class - additional powers beyond the Advanced level are earned by merit, not by request.
You may ask a Senior if there are any additional powers or types of admin available, but you must abide by the answer.

6. You will enforce the server rulles.

7. Bans longer than 2 hours require a post on the [-NF-] forums denoting the offense and the person banned.
We require that they be posted on the [-NF-] forums.
Posts are not required for kicks or bans less than that; though you are welcome to if you wish.

8. Admin are expected to be respectful of other admins and players. As an admin you don't have to tolerate any disrespect, but you may not instigate problems either.
Being an admin doesn't give anybody the right to be verbally abusive - as an authority figure you are required to lead by example.
Complaints of admin abuse will be investigated...
We will hold you responsible for anyone playing on your account - my brother/sister/friend/dog did it is not an acceptable excuse.


If you have read and agree to follow these rules, please proceed below to purchase admin. Note however that by proceeding beyond this point to purchase admin is an implicit agreement to follow the above rules - with full recognition that you can and will lose them for abuse, and you will NOT be entitled to a refund. Absolutely no refunds after 6 hours.


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