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PostSubject: Jackolantern   Jackolantern Icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 11:01 am

(Im posting this from my phone so sorry for errors).

Hello Nuclear Fusion....

In-game name: [-NF-] Jackolantern Admin/Mapper
Steam Name: [-NF-] Jackolantern
Add me to your friends: Lbh21

Hey guys I'm Jackolantern...
I have been on Nuclear Fusion before, and I'm glad to say I'm back! If you spend a certain amount of time with me you will notice I'm a hard worker and a get it done and out of the way kind of guy. I always have a positive attitude towards things even in the worst of times. (Unless its morning still) Razz

Just a note I am a admin on the Zombie mod server so fill free to msg me if there's every a problem.

Also I love to make Css maps so if you need any help I'm the go to guy...

I can't waited to see you guys in the server.

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